CSE facilitates a solution to Agra's petha waste

Apart from Taj Mahal, it is “Agra Ka Petha” that identifies the iconic tourist destination to the whole world. The city was challenged to deal with the waste that was getting generated in the process of making the sweet delicacy. The City Government specifically requested the Centre for Science and Environment to study the situation and recommend solutions. CSE study revealed that about 130 petha making units were producing 17.8 tonne of petha waste which is nothing but the peels and unused pulps of raw petha that was finding its ways in dhalaos and storm water drainage system to cause problems. The waste is actually a very good quality cattle feed which could be used in the gaushalas (shelter for the stray cattle) and cattle farms. Following the recommendations from CSE report, the petha association,  Agra Municipal Corporation and the Gaushalas were invited to discuss the solutions where it was unanimously agreed that the petha waste would be collected and transported to the gaushalas, whose current requirement of cattle feed is more than what the city generates as waste. CSE facilitated an easy solution to “reuse” the waste as a classic example of efficient management of waste following the principle of “circular economy” to end the decade old menace.