CSE India: Submission on Topics for the 2024 Dialogues under the Mitigation Work Programme

February 01, 2024

In 2023, discussions at the Sharm el-Sheikh Mitigation Ambition and Implementation Work Programme under the UNFCCC were advanced through Global Dialogues and Investment Focused Events, providing a space for countries to discuss the opportunities and barriers to scaling up mitigation ambition. The inaugural Global Dialogue focused on accelerating a just energy transition, a crucial discussion, particularly for emerging and developing economies grappling with the dual challenge of decarbonizing their energy infrastructure amid resource constraints. Subsequently, the second Global Dialogue dealt with sectoral discussions on transportation, recognizing its status as the fastest-growing source of emissions. 

As the program invited submissions for topics for the Global Dialogues to be held in 2024, the Centre for Science and Environment has made a submission calling for retaining the spotlight on just energy transition but focused through further sector-specific discussions. This entails directing attention towards key sectors such as power, industry, cooling, and clean cooking transition. By focusing on these sectors, the discussions in 2024 and beyond can deepen understanding and help identify opportunities and barriers to scaling up mitigation ambition.


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