CSE - NDMA sensitization webinar on “Decentralised Waste Management in eSwatini”

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organized a sensitization webinar on Decentralised Waste Management in eSwatini on 16 September, 2020 in collaboration with National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), Kingdom of eSwatini. The closed-door webinar was attended by officials of NDMA, eSwatini Environmental Agency (SEA), and members of the academia from the University of eSwatini. Altogether, 10 officials attended the programme. 


The following sessions were taken during the meeting:

  1. Inaugural Session: The welcome address was given by Atin Biswas, SWM, Director, CSE and further moderated the programme. Addressing the meeting, Mr. Biswas highlighted the objective of the webinar and assured a promising strategic partnership between CSE and NDMA under the MoU. Mr. Silhe Mzileni, Director, NDMA, in his opening remarks discussed a sector wide approach to integrate ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction measures in Disaster Risk Management within the context of waste management.
  2. Second session: In the second session, officials from NDMA and University of eSwatini presented the existing status of waste management in the country along with the gaps and challenges.
  • Sibusiso Cyprian Msibi, Programme Officer, NDMA discussed the existing legislative framework and status of waste management in the country with a special focus on the issues of plastic waste management and finally, highlighted the opportunities foreseen.
  • Wisdom M. Dlamini, University of eSwatini highlighted the gaps and challenges in waste management particularly w.r.t collection, recycling and e-waste management.
  1. Third session: Experts discussed the learnings of Decentralized waste management system.
  • Sonia Devi Henam, CSE, demonstrated how decentralized waste management pilot project can be achieved if there is a strong will and active participation by the stakeholders. Details of the decentralised waste management pilot project in Shaurimoyo, Tanzania was discussed. They were further sensitized on the need for adoption of segregation incentive-based waste management systems along with ammendment of the municipal byelaws on solid waste in order to strengthen the legal framework.
  • Dinesh Raj Bandela, CSE, highlighted the global problem of plastic waste and the need for a regional roadmap to deal with the challenges associated with single-use plastics.
  • Shibu Nair, India Coordinator, GAIA, shared ‘How Thiruvananthapuram, India became a zero-waste city and explains how strong monitoring, policy and active participation by the community plays an important role in sustainable waste management.
  1. Concluding session: The session was followed by discussion on various aspects of waste management including gaps and challenges while assuring CSE’s hand held support in tackling the problems of disaster risk reduction w.r.t. waste management. 

NDMA officials were requested to share their existing legal documents for review by the CSE team to explore the possible areas for value addition.