Zero Waste: A Dream or Reality?

“The waste crisis is undermining the Earth’s ability to sustain life in all its forms. Waste costs the global economy billions of dollars each year,” António Guterres - United Nations Secretary-General

The International Day of Zero Waste highlights the importance of bolstering global waste management systems and promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns. The world generates over 2 billion tonnes of Municipal Solid waste annually and it is expected to double by the year 2050, a large part of it is mismanaged. Urban India produces 56 million tonnes of waste annually, of which, 34% is diverted from the landfills and other traditional practices of disposals. International Day of Zero Waste aims to bring these myriad impacts of waste to the world’s attention and encourage global action at all levels to reduce pollution and waste. Promoting zero-waste initiatives is one step closer to achieving our targeted sustainable development goals 11 and 12, "sustainable cities and communities" and "responsible consumption and production"

Join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities for a zero-waste future!

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