Will the World have a Global Plastics Treaty in 2024?

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It was only in March 2022 that the world collectively woke up to the menace of plastic pollution: a United Nations Environment Assembly meeting put forth a ground-breaking resolution to “end plastic pollution”. An Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) was set up and tasked to put together a global set of rules governing all countries. 

As has been the case with global negotiations on climate change, those on plastics are witnessing almost an equal level of conflicting country positions and politics. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has had a ringside view of the negotiations since they started. With the fourth round of negotiations (INC-4) about to kick off from April 21-30, 2024 in Ottawa, Canada, we bring you a curtain-raiser from our plastic and waste management team before they set out to join the negotiations. 

Join us in our online media briefing to get an insight into where the negotiations are heading, and what positions have India and other nations taken. Download our latest report on and analysis of country standpoints.

From April 23, nations will be getting together in Canada for the 4th Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee meeting to put together a global treaty on plastics – the aim is to ‘end plastic pollution’. Will we succeed? What stand are countries, including India, taking?

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Live streaming
CSE Team attending INC-4
Atin Biswas
Programme Director
Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy, CSE
Siddharth Ghanshyam Singh
Programme Manager
Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy, CSE
A CSE team will be attending the INC-4 negotiations in Ottawa, Canada from April 23- 30.

They will also be reporting live from there (www.downtoearth.org.in).

Journalists interested in getting updates can contact

Siddharth Ghanshyam Singh 
97689 02012
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Negotiations for global plastics treaty face uphill task, says CSE on eve of fourth round of talks
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Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy Unit, CSE
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Atin Biswas
Programme Director
Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy, CSE
Siddharth Ghanshyam Singh
Programme Manager
Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy, CSE