CSE’s participation in Environmental review meeting at TANGEDCO

CSE was invited to participate in the Environmental Review meeting with the officials of TANGEDCO Thermal Stations on 16.10.2018 at TANGEDCO Head Quarters to deliberate on the new environmental norms – status and progress. CSE discussed the current status of implementation across the country. This was followed by a discussion with the officials of TANGEDCO. The below points were agreed upon by TANGEDCO and CSE for support in the implementation process: 

  1. After review and feedback of the survey schedule and agenda by Director (Generation), CSE will conduct a survey with its team of experts to collect data, and prepare an advisory report to aid in the implementation process.
  2. Both TANGEDCO and CSE will suggest to relevant stakeholders that washed coal be supplied to those units which have to comply with the standard of 600 mg/N.cu.m
  3. TANGEDCO and CSE will explore the possibilities of implementing low cost sulphur control technologies (which could be an alternative to traditional wet limestone based flue gas desulphurisation systems) like Dry Sorbent Injection Technology, Dry sorbent absorption technology, etc. for 210 MW size units – share a brief note and relevant officials details for further clarification.
  4. In discussion with the experts, CSE will assist the relevant officials of TANGEDCO on technical queries about De-SOx technologies needed at Mettur and North Chennai.
  5. CSE will share information with relevant TANGEDCO officials to cross-check
    1. the performance of CEMS system
    2. the Stack sampling accuracy of third-party
    3. sulphur content balance calculations
    4. FGD details of those installed and upcoming