Draft National Electricity Policy, 2021 - CSE Comments

New Delhi, 9.6.2021: The Ministry of Power is working to revise the country's National Electricity Policy (NEP, 2021). This policy is a directing strategy for planning power generation, supply, and investment under the Electricity Act of 2003. The policy report is being prepared by a committee comprised of members from state governments, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, NITI Aayog, the Central Electricity Authority, and Central Public Sector Undertakings, among others, and chaired by Shri Gireesh Pradhan, Retd. Chairperson, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 

The updated draft policy anticipates that coal-fired electricity will continue to be a significant contribution to electricity supply. On 9.6.2021 CSE was invited to provide input on the report. CSE in its submission has asked the committee that the NEP, 2021 facilitate 1) the implementation of the 2015 emission norms for coal TPP to reduce pollution from the sector by approving First-run policy, 2)bringing in a solid GHG reduction strategy for the sector, 3) bring provisions to reduce the cost of electricity by reducing inefficiencies in the system rather than discounting the cost of the environment given India has the cheapest energy resource in the world, and 4) Provide affordable electricity at reasonable price to industries so that massive number of small coal-using boilers are not operated adding to pollution.