CSE-SEPA Online Training Programme on CEMS & CEQMS

Date: October 1 - 12, 2021

Who can apply- Officials from Pollution Control Boards

Note: Participation is through invite only

In collaboration with Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) 

Centre for Science and Environment is organizing a two-week online training programme on “Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring Systems” in collaboration with Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA); for officials of State Pollution Control Boards.  This training is an initiative for capacity building of regulators under the tripartite agreement between the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). 

Programme Outcome: 

To develop understanding on-

  • Basic understanding of “Real time monitoring/ or continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)” and its importance. 
  • Status of CEMS implementation and challenges in implementation
  • PM & Gaseous CEMS Technologies and its suitability and limitations
  • CEQMS Technologies and its suitability and limitations.
  • Swedish Statutory norms for CEMS data
  • Swedish Regulatory measures for non-compliance
  • Correct installation, operation & maintenance of CEMS and CEQMS.
  • Requirement and procedures of calibration for CEMS and CEQMS.
  • Data acquisition, handling and reporting.
  • CEMS and CEQMS- Audit Methodology.
  • Assessment of monitoring technologies, installation, calibration and maintenance practices while conducting audit.

Mode of training: This training programme is a self paced course. The online training programme will have pre-recorded lectures from experts, live question and answer sessions, presentations, videos and reading material. The recorded lecture can be assessed by participants anytime. The training programme will be followed by a webinar which will discuss how the learning’s from the training programme are implemented or planned to be implemented by the respective PCB. Since Swedish experts will be part of the webinar, their expertise will provide insights on how they have ensured effective implementation of their action plans and policies.


For further details and participation contact:

Shreya Verma
Programme Officer
Industrial Pollution Team



Anders Torngren
Senior Scientific Advisor
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Kristoffer Molarin
Administrator of the NOx-charge
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Abhijit Pathak
Central Pollution Control Board
Sadasivan Suresh Kumar
Chief Technical Director
Knowledge Lens
Chirag Bhimani
Sustainability & Climate Change Specialist
Ranjit Roy
Business Unit Head
Analytical Sales AXIS Solutions Pvt Ltd
Sankar Kannan
BU Head
Solutions for Cleaner Industries Sick India
Petter Larsson Garcia
Legal Advisor
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Izabel Tyrka Pettersson
Scientific Officer
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Anna Otmalm
Senior Advisor
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Nivit Kumar Yadav
Programme Director
Industrial Pollution
Shreya Verma
Programme Officer
Soundaram Ramanathan
Deputy Programme Manager