CSE ties up with National Mission Clean Ganga to upscale citywide sanitation in Ganga Basin

CSE has signed a MoU with National Mission Clean Ganga (NMCG) on providing "technical support on planning for urban river from sanitation perspective for improved river health".

This 3 year knowledge partnership aims at effective septage management and citywide sanitation by facilitating convergence of various national, state policies, plan, programmes and project implementation showcasing improvement across the urban sanitation value chain- under the Namami Ganga Programme. Technical support will also be provided to implement city sanitation plans (CSPs) for effective faecal sludge and septage management (FSSM) aimed at integrated planning for rivers from an urban sanitation perspective. 

The partnership will involve:

  • Setting up a programme support unit (PMU) at NMCG for providing technical support to staff
  • Assisting in developing action plans, detailed project reports, tenders for implementing pilot projects to improve the sanitation value leading to improved environment and river health
  • Support in implementation of high visibility high impact model projects for decentralisted waster water treatment system (DWWTs) and faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs) or co-treatment at existing STPs
  • Develop operational guidelines for mainstreaming effective faecal sludge and septage management
  • Help in building capacities of state/city level officials and other stakeholders involved in the upkeep of a sustainable sanitation value chain
  • Conduct research, including baseline mapping and study assessment on excreta and faecal waste flows
  • Support awareness / IEC campaigns for mainstreaming effective FSSM
  • Create and enabling framework with NMCG for provision of FSSM services in terms of regulatory and financial mechanisms. 

For more information, kindly contact:

Bhitush Luhra
Programme Manager

Dr Suresh Rohilla
Senior Director, Water Unit


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