CSR training programme brief

A three day training programme on Corporate Social Responsibility (Planning, Implementation and Reporting) was conducted at Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India. The programme saw a participation of 15 participants from varied professional and academic backgrounds. These include students, private sector and representatives from NGOs. The training covered the essential aspects of CSR policy such as a the ‘Legislative Framework’, ‘CSR performance of companies and lessons learnt’, ‘Importance of Needs Based Assessment’, good practices / case studies in CSR’ and alike. Additionally, three class exercises were conducted on needs based assessment, tools and techniques for monitoring impact of CSR and planning and implementation of CSR. 


Three new sessions were added to the training this year apart from opportunities in Municipal Solid Waste Management. These included opportunities in renewable energy (a case study on Gram Oorja). Another session on strategic and effective corporate communication was incorporated wherein the importance of sharing (publicly) the company CSR policy and initiatives was discussed for streamlining the CSR policy and its impact. A third new session on corporate responsibility and accountability was integrated in the programme. This session drew parallels between CSR and the responsibility of companies with regards to the sustainability of a business, its sustainability and reporting.

The programme was a success in terms of capacity building on various nuances of the policy. Participants participated actively in all the sessions and provided with some valuable feedback with regards to topics to be covered in the programme. We received some interesting inputs on our CSR reporting guidelines, the draft of which was shared with the participants. 

In conclusion, all the participants responded that that they will utilise the knowledge gained for monitoring / executing projects; that they would provide more feedback on the reporting guidelines and that they would like to be updated on CSE's CSR initiatives.