Decentralized wastewater treatment system at a high density residential neighborhood, Khulna, Bangladesh

Location: Khulna, Bangladesh
Scale: Community
Implementing organisation: 
Nabolok Parishad and Water Aid Bangladesh
Designed Capacity: 28 KLD
Area : 223 sq. m
Operational since : 2014
Capital cost : Rs.7,18,000 (8,50,000 BDT)
O&M: Not known yet
The treatment facility receives domestic sewage from the two common toilets that caters to one of the buildings of a residential housing colony. The hosing colony is a low income group settlement. The facility at the site has been effective in improving living conditions and sanitation condition in the neighborhood.
The domestic sewage generated in the two common toilets of one of the buildings first enters into a two chambered settler. The partially treated sewage from the settler then undergoes secondary anaerobic treatment through Anaerobic Baffled Reactors (ABR). The 9 chambered ABR in addition to 4 chambers of filters offer anaerobic treatment through its multiple chambers. The treated sewage is then passed through horizontal gravel filters bed planted with Canna indica. Final treatment is done through polishing ponds that has been innovatively designed with gravity fed fountains that adds to the aesthetics.
Visually clear water and no odor around the area.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Muyeed,
Technical Adviser-WASH
WaterAid Bangladesh
97/B, Road 25, Block A,
Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Tel : +880.2.881.5757, 881.8521
Fax: +880.2.988.2577


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