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Technical Advisory Support

Technical Advisory Support Planning and Designing Sustainable Water Management Practices Technical Advice for: • Septage Management including Decentralised Wastewater Treatment (DWWT) Every Friday between 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) provides detailed technical guidance to interested stakeholders to implement sustainable water management practices. If interested, kindly get a prior appointment with the team.   Contact: Email: Email: Phone: 011-29955124, 29956110, 29956394 Ext. 244/225   Address: Centre for Science and Environment 41 Tughlakabad Institutional Area New Delhi, 110 062  

Contact Address

    Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla   Programme Director   Email:  


Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

A way to manage septage in Shimla CSE has submitted a report on septage management in Shimla as a part of its deliverable as Centre of Excellence in the area of Water Management under Ministry of Urban Development. Shimla city, being highly undulating encounter problems in laying conventional, gravity flow sewer lines that will connect each and every house in all residential areas.