Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Devanahalli, Bengaluru



Supporting organization

BORDA, TMC-Devanhalli

Population Covered


Implementation Cost

INR 87,000 (1,219.87 USD)

Area of installation

1425 sq.m(Build up area 625 sq.m)

Inlet quality

BOD: 3500-50000 mg/l
COD: 9000-25000mg/l

Funding Agency

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

Compost quality

C:N (%)= 18.2:1
P:K(%)= 0.33: 1.014

Implementing Agency

CDD Society

Design Capacity

6, 000 liters/day

Sources of Faecal Sludge

Pits and Septic Tanks

Operational since

19th November 2015

Operation and Maintenance cost


Cost (INR)

FSTP Operations

7,00,000 pa

Truck Maintenance

10,30,000 pa

Co-composting Facility`

7,00,000 pa

Location of technology

Google maps location: 13°15'11.1"N 77°42'26.0"E
Devanahalli town has population around 23406 people. Most of the households depends on septic tanks and soak pits for sewage disposal. There are about 5110 septic tanks as per town municipal council. There is neither underground sewerage connection nor any organized septage treatment facility in the area which leads to washing of septage into existing open drains. The objective of this project is to establish a pilot independent septage treatment unit and treat it to prescribed standards.
The main treatment steps followed in this FSTP are solid-liquid separation, stabilization, dewatering of sludge and pathogen removal. The separated liquid component is also treated to meet discharge standards. The faecal sludge is conveyed to the FSTP through a desludging vehicle. The treatment modules for solid components are: Feeding Tank (FT) with screen chamber, Biogas Digester (BGD), Stabilization Reactor, Stabilization Tank (ST), Sludge Drying Bed (SDB) with Green House Solar Drier Roof (GHSD). Treatment modules for liquid components are: Integrated Settler, Anaerobic Baffled Reactor with filter chambers, Planted Gravel Filter (PGF) and Percolation pit. The treatment system also consists of a co-composting unit where the dried sludge from the SDB is composted with municipal solid waste.

Maintenance tasks

  • Desludging of BGD, ST, SR, ABR
  • Cleaning of filter material at PGF and SDB

Operation tasks

  • Cleaning of screen chamber
  • Operation of valves
  • Regular desludging of the stabilization tank and stabilization reactor
  • Removal of dry sludge from SDB
  • Turning of compost heap
Current Status
The plant is operation since 2015, more that 1.8 million l of FS has been treated. More than 19,000kg of co-compost has been sold to farmers so far. The O&M of the FSTP and Co-composting unit was handed over to ULB in July 2019.

A H Nagaraju
Chief Officer
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Environment Engineer
Devnahalli Town Municipal Council
Tel: +91-7348907082

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Last Updated: September 2019