Decentralised wastewater treatment system at Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry

Location: Abhishekapakkam, Thavalakuppam Junction, Pondicherry
Scale: Institutional
Implementing organisation: CDD Society, Bangalore
Designed Capacity: 320 KLD
Area : 2690 sq. m
Operational since : 2003
Capital cost : 1.12 crore
O&M: 2.5-3 Lakhs per year
The treatment facility receives 270 - 300 KLD) from hospital building that includes only domestic sewage. DEWATS was adopted to meet the demand of huge water requirement for horticulture and maintaining the lush green area of 15 acres within the hospital premises.
The grey water and the black water generated in the hospital premises first enter into separate two chambered settlers. The settlers for black water treatment are integrated with the anaerobic baffled reactors. The partially treated black water then undergoes secondary anaerobic treatment through baffled reactors. The black water and grey water is collectively passed through anaerobic filter and then to the series of horizontal gravel filters planted with Canna indica . Final treatment is done through polishing ponds where the water is stored also for further reuse. 
BOD reduction: 98%
COD reduction: 96%
TDS reduction: 96%
(Source: CDD Society, Bangalore)
Consortium of DEWATS Dissemination (CDD)Society
621, 5th Main Road, OMBR Layout
Banaswadi Post, Bangalore 560 043.
P. Kanagaraj
Manager General
Aravind Eye Hospital
Cuddalore Main Road
Thavalakuppam, Pondicherry 605007