Decentralised wastewater treatment system at Bankers Colony, Bhuj

Location:  Bankers Colony, Bhuj, Gujarat
Scale:  Community
Implementing organisation:
Hunnarshala Foundation, Municipality of Bhuj and Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan, funded by American India Foundation and Care today group.
Designed Capacity: 30KLD
Area : 300 sqm
Operational since : 2006
Capital cost :  Rs 14-15 lakhs
O&M:  Rs 1-1.5 lakhs/year
DWWT at Bankers Colony as a part of hamirsar Green Belt Project was initiated by Hunnarshala Foundation. The aim of this project was to showcase the best practice in the area of wastewater management and how wastewater can be treated and reused locally for horticulture purpose. The Bankers colony is below the level of the main sewer line; so it was not connected to the main sewerage. To tackle the problem, it was decided to select this site as a pilot project to implement DWWT. The treated wastewater is reused for horticulture purpose in order to develop the green belt in the region.
The sewage first goes into a two chambered settler. After the primary treatment the wastewater goes to the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor which is a nine chambered system with the anaerobic filter in the last two chambers. Then the wastewater flows to the planted filter and finally to the polishing pond. From the polishing pond the treated wastewater is reused. This treatment system is maintained in such a way so that the area can be utilised as a public space also. The excess of treated wastewater goes to the storm water drain which passes through the city and meets Hamirsar Lake.
BOD reduction: 91%
COD reduction: 81%
TDS reduction: 98%
(Source: Hunnarshala Foundation)
Tejas Kotak
Unit Head , Earth & Wastewater Solutions
Hunnarshala Foundation
Bhuj, Gujarat