Decentralised wastewater treatment system at Friends of Camphill, Bangalore

Location: Banerghatta Road, Bangalore
Scale: Individual/ Residential
Implementing organisation: CDD Society, Bangalore
Designed Capacity: 9KLD
Area : 110 sq m
Operational since : 2003
Capital cost : Rs 5.5 lakhs
O&M: Rs.5000-8000 per year
CDD Society Bangalore implemented the system as one of their first project at Friends of Camphill for the purpose of safe disposal of wastewater generated from domestic sources and to ensure self sustainability. Approximately 5 KLD of domestic sewage is generated from kitchen, toilets, bathrooms and laundry areas.
The wastewater is first collected in a common chamber and then enters into the dome shaped biogas settler. Biogas produced as a result of anaerobic digestion enters into the extension chamber where it is stored for further use. From the settler, wastewater enters into 16 chambered baffled reactors. The treated wastewater then goes to the horizontal planted gravel filter planted with Canna indica and filled with gravel of various sizes as filter material. Treated wastewater finally goes to the polishing pond where the water is stored for further reuse. Treated wastewater is used for horticulture requirement. Biogas generated is used for cooking for 3-5 hrs daily.
BOD reduction: 92%
COD reduction: 91%
TDS reduction: 94%
(Source: CDD Society, Bangalore)
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