Decentralised wastewater treatment systems

With the increasing urban population, there is a tremendous stress on basic amenities like water and sanitation. Sustainable wastewater management calls for a system where wastewater is regarded as a resource which can be recycled and reused. Both communities and watersheds require an integrated approach which is affordable, adaptable and responsive to local needs.

Onsite wastewater treatment is a proven alternative to treat wastewater without large scale, energy intensive mechanical equipments. The aim of these systems is to manage wastewater both as a resource as well as a pollutant. These systems are designed to check pollution by enhancing the assimilative and regenerative capacities of the natural system.  Recycling and reuse of domestic wastewater at local level can significantly reduce the stress on fresh water sources and improve the micro climate thereby leading to an ecologically and economically sustainable system.

Decentralised wastewater treatment systems have the following benefits:

  • Minimum or no requirement of energy

  • Low-cost and minimum operation and maintenance

  • Treatment of wastewater flows from 1-1000 m³ per day

  • Tolerant to inflow fluctuation

  • Wastewater is turned into a resource for irrigation or reuse of water

  • Fulfils discharge standards and environmental laws

  • No sewerage network involved

  • Reliable and sustainable

  • Easy integration to landscaper

  • Involves local communities in the management