Delhi embarks on an ambitious plan to promote rooftop

The Delhi government recently approved the draft Solar Policy 2022. Earlier, in its policy announced in the year 2016, it had planned to install solar (cumulative capacity) of 2,000MW by the year 2022. However, only 20% of the target had been achieved in the stipulated period. Announcing plans to increase the solar capacity, Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister of Delhi, said that 6,000 MW would increase the share of solar in the annual electricity demand of Delhi from 9% to 25% by 2025. Additionally, the Delhi government will create a portal to offer information on solar PV system benefits, guidelines and timelines. Some of the key points of the policy include solar generation based incentives to residential consumers and focus on providing clean energy access to all consumers, capital subsidy for raised mounting structures for residential category consumers, no taxes and duties on RTS PV generation, community solar in addition to virtual and group net metering and setting up peer to peer trading of RTSPV generation. Also, Delhi will procure more power from load following round-the-clock power projects through competitive bidding process.

Following the expiration of the Delhi Solar Policy 2016, it was announced in the Rozgar Budget of 2022-23 that the Delhi Government will come up with a new solar policy that will position the Capital city as a national and global leader in rooftop solar generation.