District level Training cum Meeting with officials of Rajasthan SBM Rural

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team conducted its first District level meeting cum training program for Swachh Bharat Mission official between June 24 and 25, 2021. The meeting was planned to help select districts of Rajasthan on safe sanitation which included retrofitting of faulty toilets and faecal sludge management in rural areas. The meeting cum training programme was attended by 20 participants from four select districts and also state officials. The participating districts were selected on the basis on different physiographic terrain and soil. The districts are Jaipur, Dausa, Sikri and Dholpur.

The programme started with identifying the gap and challenges in attaining the safe state of sanitation. It came out in the meeting that there is a need to capacitate the officials in the areas of safe toilet technologies in rocky/hard rock terrain, ways to retrofit the faulty toilets and options for faecal sludge management. Technical sessions on these issues were imparted to the participants.

As a next step CSE along with the state officials will be identifying expert groups to work on the district level planning. CSE will work as knowledge partner and help the select districts to develop questionnaire for survey, data collection and compilation to build district level planning for the four districts. Once the districts implement the plan, it will be replicated in other districts by the state.