Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control Authority) Authority (EPCA) for Delhi-NCR

New Delhi, November 8, 2017: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) task force has advised EPCA that given the prevailing air pollution emergency in the city, there is a need to take actions which are listed in the severe plus category.

At a meeting chaired by Shri Anil Baijal, Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, Ms. Sunita Narain, Member, EPCA, listed these additional measures:

  • Immediate stopping of all civil construction work in Delhi.

  • Stopping entry of trucks (except those carrying essential commodities).

At the meeting, Shri Baijal accepted that there was need for these drastic measures in view of the prevailing air pollution emergency and has directed officials to immediately enforce the above measures. In addition, it was agreed that a view would be taken tomorrow if there was a need to start the Odd and Even scheme. The transport department was instructed by the Lt. Governor to stay prepared for such a direction. 

The meeting also discussed the EPCA direction to the Govt. of Delhi under Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) and the Lt. Governor has asked for all directions be immediately enforced. All agencies have been directed to strictly enforce the directions given by EPCA yesterday.

For a list of priority actions, please check: https://cdn.cseindia.org/userfiles/priority-actions-tackle-air-pollution-delhi.pdf

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