EV Battery Recycling: Regulatory pathways and roadmap for implementation for the Regulators

Centre for Science and Environment is organising a two-day training cum exposure visit workshop on EV Battery Recycling: Regulatory pathways and roadmap for implementation for the Regulators. This will be held at Marigold Hall in India Habitat Centre in Delhi on March 13-14, 2024. 

The objective is to sensitise officials and the key stakeholders from the implementing and planning agencies about the essential scope and design of the key strategies needed for EV battery re-use and recycling. Effective recycling of EV batteries is essential for not only minimising environmental hazards but also for strengthening material security. Recycling of material already locked inside the batteries can be mined for infinite use if they are extracted and separated into battery grade materials and taken back to the industry as a resource. As the electric vehicle programme is scaling up in India the stream of end-of-life batteries is also expected to increase. This will require early preparedness for setting up of the appropriate infrastructure and promoting recycling industry to take on this challenge. The waste management rules for EV battery waste are in place. But implementation and scaling up of these programmes will require strong regulatory and institutional capacity building in states. 

This event will bring a diverse group of experts and practitioners to interact with the officials and regulators from the State Pollution Control Boards, Pollution Control Committees, urban local bodies, urban and environment department and agencies who are involved with EV battery collection, transport, and management. This will provide insight into real world implementation issues and capture learning from ground experience. This is an opportunity for cross learning as the cities and states are beginning to implement EV battery recycling programmes.

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Mrinal Tripathi
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