Meetings for the finalisation of proposal for sanitation interventions in Prayagraj

CSE team had a meeting with UP Cabinet Minister / MLA (Prayagraj West) on 11th Nov 2019. CSE proposed to implement Pilot FSSM and Wastewater Management Interventions at Peri-Urban areas of Prayagraj (Allahabad). The focus of these interventions would be peri-urban areas including Census towns / G.P.s which lie outside the scope of Municipal Corporation but they have problems whichare similar to those faced by unplanned urban areas.

The proposed interventions include Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) catering to unsewered areas of Municipality &peri-urban GPs / Census Towns and Pilot Greywater Management (water from bathroom / kitchen) at one of the Census Town - SahaUrfPipalgaon.

The Minister gave in-principle go-ahead for the proposed interventions. The intervention would include Nature Based Treatment Technology for FSTP, Simplified Sewers for conveyance of Greywater to Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and community engagement and IEC to ensure sustainability of these intervention. The Project would be supported by BMGF.

Further to this, CSE team had a meeting with the Divisional Commissioner and the District Magistrate of Prayagraj West on 28 Nov 2019 for the proposed pilot interventions with BMGF support. CSE submitted a concept note and explained the need, key features of the project and the modalities for implementation of the proposal. The District Magistrate called for a meeting with the concerned officials from UPJN, Nagar Nigam to discuss the proposal. The DM agreed in-principal and suggested MoU with CSE. The CDO has been instructed to finalize land for the proposed interventions.