From overconsumption to solidarity

“From overconsumption to solidarity” is a joint awareness-raising project of eight European and eight Southern civil society organisations, co-financed by EuropeAid. It aims to increase critical understanding and competence amongst European citizens with regard to Europe’s responsibility for the social and ecological impact of its overconsumption on development in the Amazon region, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

The project aims to encourage behavioural change that contributes to a more sustainable use of resources and to eradicating extreme hunger and poverty (Millennium Development Goals 1 and 7).

CSE is one of the partners of the project, and looked at the aspect of climate change impacts in India. As case studies, the 2010 Ladakh cloud burst and 2013 Uttarakhand floods were portrayed

Go through the panel exhibition and the web-documentaries which were put together as part of the project.

Uttarkhand Flood | February 17, 2014