GOING SOLAR: Action Plan To Tap Gurugram's Solar Rooftop Potential

June 26, 2018

We acknowledge the funding agency Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation for supporting this work.

From the state government agencies in Haryana, HAREDA was our first point of contact and we would like to thank Mr Rameshwar Singh Jhangir and Mr Kuldeep Singh for their support. We are thankful to DHBVNL—the discom supplying power to Gurugram. Smt. Vineeta Singh (Superintending Engineer, M&P Circle, Gurgaon), Mr Anil Sharma (Superintending Engineer, R-APDRP), Mr Nitish Choubey (AE, R-APDRP) and Mr Manoj Kumar (AE, M&P Section) have helped us get information and key technical inputs for this research.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the officers of other government departments such as Mr R.S Bath (T&CP) and Mr Sudhir Chaudhary (MCG) who provided critical inputs for this work.

We would also like to thank Col. Prakash Tewari (Director, Coporate Affairs, DLF Group) for his support. This research could not have been possible without the first hand data/ information he helped us with.

We are also grateful to Mr Piyush Kumar (ReNew Power), who helped us the developers world perspective.

We would also like to thank our many stakeholders who have preferred to stay anonymous for this survey. We express gratitude to our customers for their inputs—which were critical in writing this report.

Last but not least, we thank the members of the civil society, corporate bodies and solar developers operational in Gurugram. Especially, Ms Shubhra Puri (Gurgaon First), who gave all possible support to organize the two round-tables and acted as a facilitator in getting key contacts from the district.



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