Green CSE

In 1994 CSE moved to its new home in the Tughlakabad Institutional Area. The building was designed by the renowned Ahmedabad-based architects, Radhika Doshi Katpalia and B V Doshi and the five-storied structure is spread over 1000 sq/m.

CSE’s green building initiative is very strongly rooted to its own approach which is reflected in its building.  All the aspects that combine and integrate to make a building sustainable have been incorporated and maintained over the past several years.  The building itself is CSE has excellent infrastructure that is appropriate to its needs and is used intensively and maintained very well. The buildings have environment friendly architecture that allows for maximum utilization of natural light and air keeping the use of artificial lighting minimal and need for air-conditioning limited to only the peak summer months. CSE building is a model building which captures water trough rainwater harvesting, recycles its wastewater through a decentralized treatment system, augments energy through a hybrid solar power system. In addition, entire organic solid waste is composted along with using paper recycled from the office waste papers.