Green Rating Network

GREEN RATING NETWORK is a countrywide network of volunteers of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi (CSE) which undertakes surveys and data collection on industries. The volunteers are authorized representatives of CSE to survey the industries assigned to them and collect the required information. Being an important part of CSE’s Green Rating Project (GRP), their contribution helps to provide crucial plant level information.

GRP carries out the study of large industrial sectors in the country in order to analyze their environmental performances and encourage them to adopt better and environment friendly practices. As the scale of the work is significantly large, the cooperation and support of GRN plays a key role to the success of this widely acknowledged project.

GRN involves professionals, academicians, students, NGOs and other interested personnel who understand or wish to understand the specific industries. The volunteers are short-listed based on their qualifications and proximity to the targeted industries.

The system of GRN was initially setup in 1997 for first green rating of pulp and paper sector. Twenty four volunteers were short-listed based on their qualifications and proximity to the targeted industries to survey a total thirty-two large-scale industries spread across fifteen states, in India. Since then, GRN system has been actively contributing to CSE’s various sectoral Green Rating Project viz. Automobile sector, Chlor-alkali sector, Paper and pulp sector (2nd rating), Cement sector.

What does CSE expect from GRN?
CSE considers GRN an important part of the project, therefore, does not restrict them to simple data collection work. The members are expected to inspect plant operations, take photographs, provide in-depth reports on industry operations, interview community people, pollution control board officials and local media personnel. CSE provides the necessary supports to GRN member wherever required.

What does GRN get?

  • Knowledge of the industrial operations and relevant environmental concerns.
  • Reputable association with CSE, industries, pollution control boards and local media.
  • Honorarium- a token of appreciation from CSE.
  • Reimbursement for genuine expenditures on transport, food and others incurred on the survey.


For further information contact:

Sanjeev Kumar Kanchan
Programme Officer
Industry & Environment- GRP
Centre for Science & Environment
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi- 110062
Ph: 011-29955124, ext. 251/ Mob- +91-8800855090