GSP Fibre Footprints

Ever wondered about the ecological footprints of your wardrobe? What are the environmental consequences of what you wear? What happens to the clothes and textiles that we discard after use, especially those that do not degrade?

Join us in this webinar to dive into the world of synthetic fibres – of plastics in our textiles. A world that has been rarely discussed till now, one which is emerging as a new challenge in our struggle to manage our plastic waste. From textile waste-generated microplastics infiltrating waterways to greenhouse gas emissions from textile production, from avenues for recycling to opportunities that exist for schools and students to change the status quo, the session promises to unravel a whole new world in the environment education spectrum which schools can explore.

The webinar is open to CSE’s Green Schools Programme network – teachers, principals and other interested faculty.

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Our Experts
Siddharth has a decade of experience in the SWM sector, with a Master’s degree in Green Technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
Minakshi holds a degree in product design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and has previously worked with the Ministry of Textiles, GoI.
For all principals, teachers and staff of GSP network schools