Hero Honda Motors Rainwater Harvesting System


Total rooftop area: 

11,080 square metres (sq m)Av

erage annual rainfall in Gurgaon:4 

577.8 millimetres (mm)

Total rainwater available from rainfall: 5,441 metre cubic (m 3 ) or 54,41,720 litres (Which is 85 per cent of total rainwater harvesting potential of these buildings.)

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The water requirements for potable and non potable purposes are met by four


bore wells located in the factory premises.




The rooftop rainwater from the Administrative building, the New Time Office, the Dispensary, the Canteen, the R & D Centre and the Export & Dispatch buildings is collected by a series of collection chambers and interconnecting pipes. This water is diverted to recharge wells constructed at six different locations in the factory premise. The recharge wells are of the size of 3 m x 2 m x 3 m and are provided with recharge bore wells of 8 inch diameter and 40 m depth. The recharge wells are filled with three layers of pebbles ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm in size, which ensure efficient filteration. The implementation of phase-I was completed in June 2002.



The rooftop rainwater from the remaning part of the R & D Centre, the Canteen building, the Newly Constructed Gears & Shaft section and the New Alluminium Phase is also collected in collection chambers and through interconnecting pipes diverted to recharge wells at four different ocations. The design and dimensions of the recharge wells remain the same as in phase-I.

The implementation of phase-II was completed in February 2004. The groundwater level, as in February 2004, was around 17 m below ground level (bgl).

The total cost incurred: Rs 12 lakhs

Results of monitroing
Water level 2006  
Water level 2005
Water level 2004


Water level 2006

Water Level 2005
water level trends

Water Quality 2005


Water Level 2004

Water Quality 2004

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