CSE Webinars: How Effective is Our Deterrence Mechanism?

Coal-fired power plants are taking recourse to elaborate excuses and ruses to avoid meeting green norms. Is India’s deterrence mechanism good enough to stall such tactics?

December 21, 2020  I  2.00-3.15 PM India Time 

Environmental norms for coal-fired thermal power plants were promulgated in 2015, and the deadline for meeting them is 2022. Over the last five years, the industry has been blatantly trying to influence regulatory agencies and lobbying for the dilution and delay of the norms and deadlines. Its excuses range from nonavailability of space to upgrade to cleaner technologies; pollution control technologies (which are otherwise globally well-proven) being unsuitable for Indian coal; power plants not contributing so much to ambient air pollution; and so on.

The established deterrence protocols and mechanisms to address non-compliance are frustratingly toothless and meek. It is time, we feel, to discuss and agree on some effective deterrence systems to ensure these norms stay on course. Join us and our group of eminent experts in this webinar, which aims to do just that.

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Webinar Recordings
Is our deterrence mechanism effective?
By: Soundaram Ramanathan
Meeting Emission Norms
Nivit K Yadav,
Programme Director,
Industrial Pollution Unit, CSE
Sunil Dahiya,
Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA)
Ashok Sreenivas,
Senior Fellow,
Prayas (Energy Group)
Ashu Gupta,
Retd General Manager (Environment),
Karthik Ganeshan,
Fellow, CEEW
Soundaram Ramanthan,
Deputy Programme Manager,
Industrial Pollution Unit, CSE