Invite: CSE Press Conference Toxic Trucks

CSE to release new analysis on number of trucks entering Delhi and their impact on its air quality 

Every night after 10.00 PM and even earlier, Delhi’s roads are taken over by thousands of trucks. These gigantic vehicles enter and exit the city, leaving behind an immense pollution load in their wake.

Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Right to Clean Air Campaign has done an analysis of how many trucks actually transit through the city, and has estimated their contribution to pollution. The numbers that are emerging are truly shocking, and could be way above the official estimations.

CSE has also made recommendations on what can be done in the shorter term – until the bypass roads are made – to cut down on the daily invasion of trucks and their toxic impact. 

This acquires additional importance in the light of an application filed in Supreme Court today (October 5) by Harish Salve, the Amicus Curiae, recommending some immediate remedial actions.

DATE: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
VENUE: CSE Office, Core 6A, Fourth Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
TIME: 12 noon

Contact Anupam Srivastava at; 99100 93893 for further details