Integrated online and residential training: Lake Rejuvenation and Groundwater Management in Urban Areas

Indian cities are no strangers to waterbodies. Every Indian city has its share of lakes, tanks, ponds, rivers etc. These are invaluable sources of water, food and livelihood; act as bulwarks against urban floods; and many have enormous religious and cultural significance. Rapid and rampant urbanisation has, however, spelt the death-knell for many of these waterbodies. While dead and dying waterbodies fail to absorb rainwater and recharge groundwater, cities are using up every drop as they suck the aquifers dry or bring in water from further and further away.

In an age which is increasingly feeling the brunt of climate change, one of the resources that would be severely hit is water. It is imperative for cities, therefore, to invest in rejuvenating their waterbodies and manage their groundwater more sustainably

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites you to apply for its two-part training programme on this subject. See details of the two parts below.



Deputy Programme Manager, Water, CSE /
Mob No: + 91 9911339540 / 9708887214



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Course fees
Part A: (Online)
Rs 3,000 (for Indian participants);
US $100 (for foreign participants).
Last date of application: July 10, 2024. Early bird discount available till June 30, 2024

Part B: (Onsite)
Rs. 28,000 (single occupancy accommodation);
Rs. 25,600 (double occupancy accommodation).
Last date of application: January 10, 2025. Early bird discount available till December 31, 2024
Residential fees (Part B) includes accommodation, food, training material, field visit and travel from CSE’s main office at Tughlakabad Institutional Area to the training centre and back.

Early bird entries can avail a discount of 10 per cent. Two or more participants coming from the same organisation can avail a total discount of 20 per cent.

Special discount: Full waiver on online fees for participants who also apply for residential training
Who will benefit from the training
Engineers, architects, planners, researchers, academicians, civil society members and students aspiring to work in the field of environment
Fees once paid are not returnable/refundable or transferable.