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Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting Systems Virtual Workshop with NCR planning board: Water Secure NCR IWA Webinar Series Lecture by Dr Suresh Rohilla on Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable Uraban Water Management and flood Resilience Government of Odisha forms an Advisory Committee for Rejuvenation of water bodies and aquifer management under AMRUT 2.0 In EnglishCapacity Building Initiative on Making Ganga Basin Cities Water-Sensitive हिंदी में गंगा बेसिन के शहरों को जल संवेदनशील बनाने के लिए क्षमता निर्माण पहल C-GINS (Compendium of Green Infrastructure Network Systems) CSE U.P PSU & TSU initiative on mainstreaming Citywide Sanitation and FSSM Singapore International Water Week 2021 Water Management in a Climate Risked World: New Challenges Importance of Sanitization with Dr.Rohilla-Podcast Can river Yamuna be rejuvenated? – Podcast with Dr.Rohilla 08 OCT 2020 Opportunities for Co-Treatment of Septage at Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) - Webinar Repository of COVID-19 Resources Govt. Advisories and Guidelines Best Practices Repository of COVID-19 Resources- Communication Collaterals (Audios and Videos) SanI-KIt - Web-based portal MOUNT (Menu on Un-Networked Technologies) – Web Based Portal