Launch of portal 'SFD a tool to foster sustainable urban sanitation programming' - at Stockholm World Water Week 2015 (23-27 Aug. 2015) at Stockholm

Stockholm World Water Week 2015 was held from 23-27 August 2015 at Stockholm Conference Centre, Sweden. This year was a silver jubilee celebration year of Stockholm Water Prize and the Stockholm Water Prize was conferred to ShriRajendraSingh,for his water conservation work (revival of ponds, rivers) in rural Rajasthan (AlwarDistt.)- 

CSE ( a Stockholm Water laureate – year 2005) was represented by Suresh Rohilla, Progrmmme Director – Water at SWWW 2015. The silver jubilee celebration were marked with several networking events organised by Stockholm International Water Institute including dinner with all Stockholm Water Laureates and Royal Banquet reception hosted by His and Her Majesties of Sweden -

A side event was organised by GIZ – BMGF ‘SFD portal Launch ‘SFD a tool to foster sustainable urban sanitation programming’ (SFD Promotion initiative) on 26th August 2015 with project partners – CSE, WEDC Loughborough, University of Leeds, EAWAG SANDEC, WSP World Bank, GIZ supported by BMGF.  

The portal ( was launched with 8 SFD – with 5 cities (namely - Aizawl, Cuttack, Solapur, Srikakulam and Tumkur) SFD prepared by CSE Water team. The session had presentations in the beginning coupled with short time for few questions and then roundtable discussions.

Suresh Rohilla, Programme Director CSE made a presentation on ‘SFD in action – Advocacy and decision support tool in India’  

Around 120 participants attended the event and we had 10 groups discussing SFDs (the potential and limitations as an advocacy tool, data quality and availability and potential uses of SFDs).


For further information contact – 

Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director – CSE