Living with changing climate: CSE Study


February 29, 2012

Impact, vulnerability and adaptation challenges in Indian Sundarbans For residents of Indian Sundarbans, climate change is now a part of their daily survival battles. While the global negotiations towards mitigation of climate change have remained inconclusive over the years, sea level rise, cyclones, rainfall patterns have kept changing for the worse. Life is much more difficult now and development of the area more expensive. But climate change is not the only culprit for the hardship that people face today. There have been significant failures in development planning and strategies on the part of local and national governments, compromising the capacity of locals to adapt effectively. In absence of planning and institutional support, people have little choice but to adapt on their own. Till now, their only response has been to migrate out, which also underlines the absence of options for the poor to adapt meaningfully.

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Report: Living with changing climate

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Living with Changing Climate:
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