Media Briefing August 31, 2017 By: Chandra Bhushan Deputy Director General, CSE

September 04, 2017

• Set up in 2000, with state of the art equipment for monitoring air pollution water pollution and food contamination pollution, water pollution and food contamination.
• Tests for trace organics (pesticide, antibiotics etc.), heavy metals and conducts microbiolo gical studies. 
• Investigates issues of public health concern and responds to community requests. 
• Puts out independent information in public domain for ecological security.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) − antibiotic resistance (ABR) − in particular arises when bacteria survive ex posure to an antibiotic that would normally kill them or stop their growth
• It is a natural process but accelerates by antibiotic misuse and overuse in both humans and animals; spreads through food, contact and environment
• Low dose of antibiotics for longer durations favour emergence of resistant bacteria (such as growth promoter at sub-therapeutic levels in food animal production settings)
• At a cellular level, resistance is acquired through mutations or transfer of genetic material (such as resistance genes) from other bacteria through horizontal gene transfer (HGT)

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