Meeting to discuss the replication of decentralised waste management in Tanzania

A half day meeting was jointly organized by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Ubungo Municipal Council (UMC), Dar es Salaam on February 18, 2020 to discuss the replication of decentralised waste management in Tanzania. The meeting was inaugurated by Dr. Peter Nsanya, Acting Director, UMC and attended by the staffs of UMC, Dar city council and media. Altogether, 17 officials attended the programme. 


The following sessions were taken during the meeting: 

  1. Inaugural Session:The welcome address was given by Peter Nsanya, Acting Director, UMC. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Nsanya, UMC thanked CSE for contributing to this cause and said that this association shall be useful in transforming Ubungo and hope to set an example amongst councils in Tanzania. Sonia Henam, CSE addressed the participants on the important milestones and work by CSE’s work in Tanzania. 
  1. Second session: In the second session, officials from UMC and Dar city council presented the existing status of waste management in their respective councils.
  • Concluding session:In the third session, Sonia Henamfrom CSE highlighted on the need to replicate the work happening at Shaurimoyo, Zanzibar in the whole of Tanzania. Details of the decentralised waste management pilot project in Shaurimoyo area, was discussed. The municipal councils were further sensitized on the need for adoption of segregation incentive waste management systems along with the updation of the new municipal byelaws on solid waste. This session were followed by discussion on various aspects of waste managementincluding gaps and challenges when replicating the work.

Ubungo Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam is very keen to replicate the decentralised waste management system on the ground.  As the next step, the council will prepare a solid waste management plan for execution and CSE would give them technical support on setting up the system.