National Field Exposure Visit 'Sustainable Water Management - Best Management Practices'

Date: October 5-9, 2015
The Ministry of Urban Development has acknowledged the lack of skilled man power in urban local bodies across India and has therefore developed the ‘Capacity Building Scheme for Urban Local Bodies’ (CBULB). The programme aims to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude of city officials for the mainstreaming of reforms and best management practices (BMPs) of sustainable water and wastewater management through training programmes followed with field exposure visit, seminars and workshops.

CSE is a designated Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Water Management area assisting the ministry under CBULB programme. The training programmes organized by CSE on - (i) septage management (ii) water sensitive design and planning and (iii) urban lake management had an overwhelming response. These trainings cover approaches, tools / techniques and update on reform as well as overview of successfully implemented BMPs by both state and non-state practitioners. In addition, the trainings led to the creation of a knowledge sharing network of practitioner and utilities to mainstream such BMPs

The “National Field Exposure Visit” is the second stage of capacitating municipal functionaries, where get an opportunity to directly interact with implementers / beneficiaries of the BMPs projects. This further gives the city officials a hands-on experience on how to plan, design and implement sustainable decentralized water management practices.

Aim: Exposure and experience sharing from successfully implemented sustainable and affordable decentralized water management BMPs across India.


  • To provide firsthand experience and opportunity to interact with beneficiaries and implementers of BMPs.

  • To get exposure on the techno-economic feasibility for planning, designing and implementing BMPs for sustainable water and wastewater management

  • To show energy and resource efficient BMPs implemented at different scales in various agro-climatic regions in India.

Target Groups: CSE CoE Training Alumni – interested city officials who have participated in previous training programmes organized by CSE under the CBULB scheme were targeted. Previously organized training programme were on following subjects:

  • Septage management – Towards City Wide Sanitation

  • Water sensitive design and planning – Towards Sustainable Urban Development and Planning

  • Urban lake management – Towards water and environment sustainability

Programme Schedule: The participants were taken to a total of 14 sites of best management practices of Sustainable water management in three different cities namely New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. For a glimpse and feedback of participating officials click here.

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