Old Mirrors Traditional Ponds of Kolkata

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has come up with a book on ponds of  Kolkata called "Old Mirrors-Traditional ponds of Kolkata" in the begining of this year. The author of the book is Mohit Ray. Ray is the founder director of a Kolkata based non profit organization, Vasundhara. He has documented 48 ponds of Kolkata. The age of some ponds is 250 years and 24 of them are 200-300 years old.  He had studies all the 48 ponds in details. He gave an elaborate history of the ponds and along with that he researched out the present conditions of these water bodies.

The author even tried to bring out the stories of the ponds that are lost due to filling up. He writes, “Heritage ponds need to be saved. We expect this work will initiate some efforts on the part of KMC and others to conserve these great water bodies."

We appreciate such research work and appeal to people across the country to document their local water bodies. We know that these water bodies are the ground water recharge points and such documentation would surely create awareness among people and help in environmental movement in a big way.