Online Training Programme: Environmental Quality Monitoring Using Affordable Systems and Technology

Date:  2-week June 29 - July 12, 2020 

Globally, one of the major functions of the regulatory authorities is that of environmental management. As part of the overall management plans, the authorities are required to formulate plans for prevention, control and abatement of environmental pollution. To ensure better environmental management system implementation, it is imperative to have comprehensive database that indicates the status of environmental quality. Collection of such database requires a good monitoring network comprising of well-established infrastructure, comprehensive protocol of monitoring, and skilled manpower to oversee and ensure the reliability of data. However, such ideal monitoring networks have significant cost implications, require skilled manpower, are resource and time intensive, and have limitations in terms of the functions of the responsible organization/agency. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to streamline the environmental quality monitoring (EQM) process by using more contemporary and alternative technologies that are able to reliably cater and fulfill the needs and demands of the current monitoring regime without compromising significantly on the quality of the data.

Instruments based on sensor technology that are designed in a way that makes them self-monitoring, analyzing and reporting or SMART–have proved to be one such promising alternative for developing countries in the Global South region. In addition to being smart, these instruments are also portable and come at a cost that is much lesser than that of the regulatory grade monitoring instruments.

Even though the technology is at a nascent stage, the recent advancements in this technology have helped it to leapfrog into the new age instruments and find its application in a host of areas including EQM.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) recognizes this need to fill in the gaps of the conventional method of monitoring, and offers a two-week online training programme on understanding the various facets of Environmental Quality Monitoring using sensor-based technology and its various applications. The objective of the programme is to build the capacity of the participants in the field of air and water quality monitoring at a global level.


The sessions will be covering the following facet of the sensorbased technology

• Policies pertaining to monitoring

• Concept of SMART monitoring using sensor-based instruments

• Citizen monitoring

• Case studies

• Knowledge and experiencing sharing through discussion


For further details, please contact the Course Coordinator

Digvijay Singh Bisht, Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: 9891921959


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Regulators, Consultants, Laboratory scientists, Academicians, Research Scholars, Students, City Administrators, Smart City Officials, Instrument suppliers.
INR 4,000/- per participant (30 percent discounts for first 20 applicants)
2-week June 29 - July 12, 2020 
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