Online Course on Climate Change for School Teachers, Batch 6

May 2024 is set to become the 12th consecutive month of breaking monthly temperature records since the pre-industrial era. As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the impacts of climate change are being felt worldwide, with some regions more affected than others. In 2023, Asia was the most disaster-prone continent globally.

In this fight against climate change, education has been recognised as a crucial tool. Climate change education is essential not only for understanding the impacts but also for learning how to adapt to an everchanging climate.

The Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Green Schools Programme (GSP) is advancing its mission to deliver relevant and impactful climate education with the launch of the sixth batch of its free Online Course on Climate Change for school teachers (Grades 5 to 12). Following the successful completion of five batches and two onsite Climate Convocations, we invite interested teachers to join the sixth batch by registering on the link below.

Exclusively designed for school teachers, the four-week course will:

  • Add to their understanding of climate change — its science, politics and impacts
  • Offer ideas, tools and methodologies for effective classroom teaching of climate change
  • Bolster confidence to facilitate classroom discussions on the subject within their local context
  • Provide online and onsite opportunities to learn from a cohort of teachers and other professionals in the field

The course will include classroom briefings and presentations by subject experts, special lectures, classroom discussions, suggested online readings, audio-visual content, weekly assessments and a course-end assignment. It will be spread over four weeks and is designed to be selfpaced so that participating teachers do not feel undue pressure.


  • Fundamentals of climate change
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Climate change negotiations
  • Adaptation and mitigation
  • Some contemporary issues – net zero, sinks, equity, carbon budgets 

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Become part of the GSP Climate Leaders community by enrolling in and completing the course.
Online Course on Climate Change
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