Online orientation program for Haryana Officials on Faecal Sludge Management

Date: August 27, 2021

CSE team had conducted an online training on Fecal Sludge Management and toilet technologies for Haryana officials in July, 2021. Following this the Haryana State Swachh Bharat Mission Society (HSSBM) under the Development & Panchayats department, Haryana requested CSE to help their four districts develop district level plans for faecal sludge management. These districts are namely Kurukshetra, Faridabad, Karnal and Yamuna Nagar. As a first step, the Rural Water Waste Unit organized an orientation meeting with the officials of these four districts on August 27th, 2021. The meeting was attended by 16 officials from these districts. The meeting tried to bring in the issues in management of faecal sludge in the rural areas of these four districts. The training was convened by Ms. Sushmita Sengupta, Sr. Program Manager, Rural water and waste. Ms. Swati Bhatia, Program Officer and Mr. Ravi Kumar, Deputy Program Manager oriented the officials on the need of faecal sludge treatment. A short survey was done to understand the situation of fecal sludge management in Haryana.

The orientation facilitated an interaction with the participants to be able to understand their needs and requirements and they got a glimpse of the different options of treatment of the faecal sludge. The participants were very keen to improve their capacities on the different treatment technologies in managing faecal sludge. There was a demand for in- depth training on the technical options for faecal sludge treatment and guidance on district level planning from CSE.

Based on the state of management of faecal sludge in the rural areas of these four districts, the Rural Water Waste Team will capacitate these officials to prepare a district level plan and implement the plan in their upcoming residential training at Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute. The participants were mainly Sub-Divisional Officer, Executive Engineer, and Junior Engineers.



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