Online Training on Safe Toilet Technologies and Faecal Sludge Management in Rural Haryana

Date: July 21-30, 2021

Rural Water and Waste team organised a ten-day specialised online training program on " Safe Toilet Designs, Treatment and Reuse of Faecal Sludge in Rural Areas of Haryanafor Haryana officials from July 21-30, 2021. This was a tailor-made training program developed for the officials of Haryana State Swachh Bharat Mission Society (HSSBM) under the Development & Panchayats Department, Haryana.

The program intended to advocate the importance of safe onsite sanitation technologies and decentralized treatment of faecal sludge in rural Haryana. Various live sessions were organised for the participants to have a better understanding on the subject.

A total of 44 participants from the various districts of the state attended the training program. The participants appreciated the training program. Top 10 candidates of the program will further be trained at CSE’s residential training institute, Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute at Tijara block, Alwar, Rajasthan to help them plan faecal sludge management at district level.

The course was appreciated well. The analyses of few feedbacks are as below: