Online Training Programme on Sustainability Commitment in Educational Campuses

Date: July 16 -17, 2020

Over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds and representing multiple regions and educational institutes of the country participated in the two day programme held from 16th -17th July 2020.

Day 1 began with an opening remark from Mr Rajneesh Sareen followed with a detailed session on Green Campus Initiative covering its journey and in-depth elaboration of each element of GCI Initiative such as land, water, energy, waste and air.

The next session was delivered by Ms. Sonia Rani, covering the requirement and reporting of the sustainability data of campuses. The process of conducting environmental audit and energy audit within the campuses was briefed. The data analytics of sustainability reporting according to the NAAC requirement was highlighted and discussed with the participants.

Day-2 started with a technical session delivered by Mr. Sugeet Grover in which participants were made aware about methodology and exercises to calculate resource consumption and waste generation in the campuses.

Based on the request of participants on Day-1, a technical session on rainwater harvesting was delivered by Mr. Rajneesh Sareen. In the session various techniques, design principles and operation & maintenance requirement of the RWH structure was briefed. Furtherance to it, participants were made familiar with the sustainability efforts taken by educational institutions included in a Green Campus Compendium.

A small Multiple Choice Questions test was included in the online training programme, which was attempted by the participants.