Onsite Training Programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Quality Monitoring System

Since CEMS and CEQMS are complex and expensive technologies, implementation challenges and associated risks are high. Proper implementation is not limited to the issue of correct technology selection but also installation, operation, maintenance and data acquisition and handling. Therefore, proper knowledge and skill development for CEMS and CEQMS becomes most crucial factor for industries, regulators and associated parties. 

Since CEMS and CEQMS are complex and expensive technologies, there are significant challenges and risks associated with its implementation. The major challenges include correct technology selection, installation, operation & maintenance and data handling. Data interpretation plays an important role in identifying issues related to data integrity and regulators must have a good knowledge of data interpretation for taking actions against the defaulting industry.

Therefore, thorough knowledge and skills relevant to CEMS regime, becomes most crucial factor for regulators. The course is designed to provide an overall understanding of the CEMS which includes theoretical knowledge via lectures from experts, field visit and first-hand experience through group exercises and discussions.

For more details contact training coordinator

Shreya Verma
Deputy Programme Manager
Industrial Pollution Unit, CSE
Email: shreya@cseindia.org
Phone: + 91 88820 84294