Pan-Africa Workshop to launch Global Forum of Cities for Circular Economy and release of Report on “Managing solid waste in Africa”

Date: July 12 - 13, 2022
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

In its endeavour to augment circularity in municipal solid waste management, CSE felt the need for having a global network of cities from the global south to create a “Global Forum of Cities on Circular Economy”. The core objective of creating the forum is to provide a platform for sharing evidence-based learnings, challenges, good practices, research findings, areas for advocacy and capacity building and use them to amplify the work in our countries through policy makers, regulators, city governments and other stakeholders. 

CSE is going to organize the first two-day GFCCE workshop in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania between 12-13 July 2022 with senior National Government officials from Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Rwanda, Eswatini, Kenya, and Tanzania to take the discussion forward for meaningful action on the ground. CSE will also release its scoping report with the representatives of all the participating nations to present an overview of the challenges and opportunities in waste management in Sub-Sahara African countries.

List of Participants
Dr. Samuel G. Mafwenga
Director General
National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Tanzania
Dr. Aboud S. Jumbe
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries,
Mr. Ankomah Joy Hesse
Principal Programme Officer, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana
Mr. Mukasa Mugambwa Richard
Environment Inspector and Project Manager - Municipal Solid Waste, National Environment Management Authority, Uganda
Ms. Emilia Veronica Lazaro Polana
Head of Waste Solid Management UnitMinistry of Land and EnvironmentMozambique
Mr. Ndumiso Cyprian
Magagula, Environment Inspector - Waste Management, Eswatini Environment Authority, Eswatini
Ms. Mokaya Rose Kemunto
Principal Assistant Public health officer, Ministry of Health, Kenya
Mr. Siakabeya Brian
Principal Solid Waste Management Officer
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Zambia
Ms. Taye Tigist Alemu
Head, Urban Climate Resilient Bureau
Ministry of Urban Development and Infrastructure, Ethiopia
Mr. Masule Nicco Libuku
Senior Conservation Scientist
Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Namibia
Dr. Makame Omar Makame
School of Natural and Social Science (SNSS)
The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA
Dr. Zakaria Khamis
Director Director
Zanzibar Fisheries and Marine Resources Research Institute (ZAFIRI)
Ms. Mahimana Elisabeth Marie
Constance Sanitation Officer
Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA)
Siddharth Singh
Programme Manager
Municipal Solid Waste Programme
Centre for Science and Environment(CSE)
Mr. Atin Biswas
Programme Director
Municipal Solid Waste Programme
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Dr. Richa Singh
Deputy Programme Manager
Municipal Solid Waste Programme
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)