Panchsheel Park Colony's Rainwater Harvesting System


Total rooftop and surface area 3,57,150 square metres (sq m)

Average annual rainfall in Delhi 611 millimetres (mm)

Total volume of rainwater harvested: 1,74,575 cubic metre (m³), or 174,575,000 litres

This represents 80 per cent of the total water harvesting potential

The water supply is mainly through six borewells. Three each are owned by the Panchsheel Cooperative Group Housing Society and the Delhi Jal Board respectively. The remaining water requirements are met by individual borewells.


Rooftop rainwater and surface runoff harvesting: A network of stormwater drains in the entire residential area is used for harvesting rooftop rainwater and surface runoff. About 36 Recharge wells measuring 1m x 1m x 2m are constructed in the stormwater drain for facilitating groundwater recharge. The quality of runoff, which passes through a 15m borewell installed inside the recharge well, is ensured through a filter bed of pebbles.

The project was implemented in June 2002. The cost of the entire rainwater harvesting system was Rs 8 lakh.


The water level in the Panchsheel Park area, considered one of Delhi's posh colonies, was declining rapidly. Keeping in view the growing water problems, the Resident Welfare Association established a rainwater harvesting system for the entire colony.

Results of monitroing
Water level 2006
Water level 2005
Water level 2003-2004

Water Level 2006

Water Level 2005

water level trends

Water Quality 2005

Water Quality 2004

Water Table 2003-2004

water Trends

Water quality

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Krishan Saigal, President, Panchsheel Cooperative Group Housing Society

"When we first approached engineers for a design to set up harvesting structures in our colony, we were completely taken aback by the extraordinarily high cost quoted by some of them. So we started looking for other options. Centre for Science and Environment offered us a design that could be put together in less than half the cost. It adopted simple traditional techniques, and required very little construction work. And we went ahead with it."

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