Policy action

First generation action has taken roots. The city is yet to meet the clean air standards. Policy decisions and action so far in the city

Action on vehicles

  • The city has introduced Bharat Stage Euro IV norms for vehicles in 2010

  • Pre-mix oil dispensers for 2 stroke 2 & 3 wheelers and to ban sale of loose 2T oil.

  • Supply of 5 % ethanol blended petrol since 9 May, 2003.

  • Auto LPG dispensing facility created in the city. All 3-wheelers converted to LPG.

  • Stricter drives to check adulteration of the fuel Food and Civil Supplies Department. The department has reported that 309 fuel stations have been checked during April to July 2003.

  • Implementation of upgraded PUC norms and test procedure

  • Strict inspection for renewal of fitness certificate under the supervision of senior officers

  • Painting red strip around the body of more than 15 years old transport vehicles for easy identification.

  • Movement of goods vehicles inside the outer rind road is restricted during day time

  • The movement of inter-state and inter-city buses has been prohibited on 8 roads in Bangalore city.

  • Green tax has been introduced with effect from April 1,.2002 for the transport vehicles aged more than 7 years at the rate of Rs.200/- at the time of renewal.

  • Green tax is also being levied on all 15 year old two wheelers and also on other than two wheeler non-transport vehicles at the rate of Rs.250/- and Rs.500/- respectively at the time of renewal registration.

  • To reduce traffic congestion, 108 roads converted to one-way, 5 flyovers, 3 railway under pass on outer ring road and 2 railway over bridges completed. 206 km of road asphalted. But the efficacy of such strategies would need assessment.

  • Introduction of commuter friendly buses

Action in industry

  • Department of Ecology and Environment has issued Notification No.FEE 120 ECO 2002. Dt. 16.03.04 for mandatory use of 0.05% Sulphur containing HSD by industries located within ORR limits in DG sets and liquid fuelled boilers. The industries are also required to furnish an affidavit that they are using HSD containing 0.05% sulphur only in DG Sets, boilers etc.