Policy action

First generation reforms have been successfully implemented and the fuel quality has been improved. Actions to upgrade the public transportation system are being considered and introduction of low floor buses is a promising step forward. Policy actions implemented in Chandigarh are


Action on vehicles

  • Lead free petrol was introduced in Chandigarh in early 2000

  • LPG has also been introduced in city

  • 3 wheelers converted to LPG

  • Compulsory ‘Pollution Under Control’ (PUC) certificates for vehicles has been introduced by Chandigarh Traffic Police

  • Routes of HTV and interstate buses in the city have been specified

  • Chandigarh offers subsidy of 15 per cent on battery-operated vehicles

Mobility Management

  • Cycle tracks have been developed along all major Margs and important Paths in Chandigarh.

  • 116 low floor high quality buses have been introduced

  • Differential road tax based on category of cars has been proposed for personal vehicles

  • MRTS has been proposed for Chandigarh though the requirement for it is questionable