Policy action

First generation action has taken roots. The city is far from meeting the clean air standards. Though an industrial city, vehicles have become a continuously increasing source of pollution. Clean fuel program and industry measures can be expected to provide some respite. Policy decisions and action so far in the city

Action on vehicles:

  • The city has introduced Bharat Stage Euro IV norms for vehicles in 2010

  • Strengthened PUC system with new equipment and norms has been implemented

  • CNG programme for autos, buses and other vehicles have been established

  • Old vehicles -- >9 year old buses, >7 year old tempos, >10 year old autos, and >15 year old maxi cabs have been phased out.

  • Only three wheelers with catalytic converter/ scrubbers are allowed

  • New buses have been introduced in the city premises

  • Entry time of transit commercial vehicles on GT road is restricted

  • Battery operated three wheelers are being encouraged

Action on industry:

  • 12 industries have been closed and three have been issued notices for non-compliance

  • Panki thermal power station has installed bag filters/ ESP

  • Fly ash from the thermal plant is being reused

  • Open burning of biomass and solid waste banned in municipal area