Policy action

First generation action has begun. The city is far from meeting the clean air standards, especially for particulate matter. The rapidly growing number of vehicles poses threat to the first generation reforms. Clean fuel program, vehicle phase out and push to public transport can be expected to provide some respite. Policy decisions and action so far in the city

Action on vehicles:

  • The city has introduced Bharat Stage III norms for vehicles in 2010

  • LPG programme for autos and tempos has been introduced

  • All vehicles older than 15 years pay an extra tax called ‘green tax’ every year

  • Transport vehicles at the time of renewal of fitness certificate after 5 years pay an extra tax

  • New buses have been introduced in the city premises and routes have been rationalized; BRTS has also been introduced on some routes

  • Rajasthan Infrastructure Development Fund has been constituted under JnNURM

  • Entry time of transit commercial vehicles is restricted within the city limits

  • Battery operated three wheelers are being encouraged by giving subsidies